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Armand teaches Albert how to spread mustard on his toast like a straight man.


― It’s Kind of a Funny Story (2010)"I just don’t want to get people’s expectations up and then disappoint them later."

antonin dorbon

White Oleander (2002)

Sia + Natasha Lyonne.

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Lisa Marie and Tim Burton photographed by Mary Ellen Mark


"Sometimes I dream of a tree,
And the tree is my life.
One branch is the man I shall marry
And the leaves my children.
Another branch is my future as a writer
And each leaf is a poem.
Another branch is a glittering academic career.
But as I sit there, trying to choose,
The leaves begin to turn brown and blow away
Until the tree is absolutely bare.”

-Sylvia Plath

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men only support feminism when they are told it ‘benefits them too’. and even then, the moment you talk about men harming women, one of their privileged, misogynistic petulant child tantrums comes out to play

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Demian Dine’ Yazhi’Untitled (For Andrea Smith), 2012Letterpress print on Stonehenge paper / white / 250 gsmThe text was hand-set in Futura Condensed / 36 pt.